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LGBTQ-Friendly Massage:
By Queers, For Queers

Everyone Should Feel Safe

I know how difficult it can be to find health care providers who respect your identity, your family, and your community. Therefore, I wanted to be very upfront about my commitment to providing safe and healing massage to members of the queer community and to transgender folks in particular. I myself am queer, sort-of transmasculine, and nonbinary genderqueer. Soft preference for "they" pronouns, but am fine with all of them. When we are working together, you are welcome to talk without judgement about your or your partners' gender identities, poly & open relationships, or kink.

Info for Trans & Genderqueer Folks

I believe strongly that positive touch can help us to heal painful disconnection from our bodies and remind us that our bodies can be a happy place to live. In this way, massage can be a important part of your transition, regardless of what you choose in regards to transitioning or physical expressions of gender. In addition to emotional benefits, massage can help to:

  • ease muscular imbalances from binding and support deep breathing
  • facilitate your lymphatic system in processing supplemental hormones to reduce side-effects
  • smooth and release scar tissue post-operatively (mastectomy, tracheal shave, facial reconstruction, etc.)

I will always do my best to support your choices around your health and your identity.

Services Offered for Queer and Trans Clients

I currently provide general/full-body and focused treatment massage in your own home, allowing for privacy, safety, and accessibility. This includes my pelvic floor manual therapy, which is relevant to anyone, including all queers, but there are also some extra considerations about pelvic floor care for trans folks.

My mobile massage rates are $100 for a one-hour massage, or a 90-minute massage for $125. Either visit also includes time to chat before and after about how things are going and what you need. Discounted price for those buying multiple sessions at once; similar rates available for clients who would like to arrange weekly or monthly visits, and I have a standing reduced rate for trans women and transfeminine folks, reflected below.

Number & Length of Sessions
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Massage Subscriptions!

I'm also offering massage subscriptions for folks who know they want or need a certain number of sessions each month, with a discount and the ease of having things all set up ahead of time. If you prefer a different frequency than I have listed, we can create a custom subscription for you, and you're always free to pause or cancel at any time. Also makes a lovely ongoing gift.
Number & Length of Sessions

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