Support Through the Ebb and Flow of the Childbearing Year

Antepartum Doula Services

Just as some families want extra support and care after the new baby arrives, others really need the help beforehand. That's where an antepartum (before-birth) doula comes in. Whether you're on bed rest, having a difficult pregnancy, or just need someone who knows what's going on to help out, I'll be there. I can do just about anything that'd be helpful to you, including recommendations about which pregnancy guides not to buy, and which herbs can help with your anemia or your toddler's scratchy throat.


I'm available for daytime and overnight shifts, based on when you need the extra help. My daytime rate is $20 per hour. You may secure my time for 10 or more hours, and of course purchase additional time as needed. Shifts are between 3-8 hours, based on your needs and my availability.

Overnights are available at $200 for an 8-hour shift or $250 for a 10-hour shift.

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