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Massage Doula for Your Labor and Birth

If you're contemplating hiring a doula to support you in labor, and like physical touch to relieve pain, consider a massage doula.

I have experience working with laboring folks as a doula and as a massage therapist. When I attend your labor as a massage doula, you get both: I still remain with you for the duration of your labor, still provide emotional support and all the other thousand little things doulas do, AND you'll have an experienced labor massage therapist at your beck and call.

What You Get

Before baby is born, we'll schedule two meetings so we can get to know one another, discuss your hopes and goals for your birth and cover any questions you may have. When you're in labor (or think you might be), you call me as soon as you think I might be useful to you, and I'll stay until shortly after we meet your new baby. Then I'll come back to visit you again a few days later to chat about your experience and help out however I can. You're of course welcome to call or email me with any questions at any point along the way.

Bonus Massage

But wait, there's more! I'll bring my massage supplies to our second prenatal meeting, and you'll receive a 60-minute prenatal massage, free of charge. This pre-labor massage allows us to become accustomed to working together, helps you get an idea of my style and rhythm, and gives me an opportunity to learn what you like. Plus, my clients love it!

Supporting Surrogacy Births!

As a gestational carrier myself, I would be thrilled to use my familiarity with the special circumstances of a surrogacy to help with your birth. Whether you're a surrogate or intended parents, you can rest assured that I can balance my time however you need: hands on support for the surrogate, gentle explanations and reassurances for the parents. I can help parents be as involved as everyone chooses, from being a messenger, delivering updates in the waiting room to helping figure out how to best support your surrogate. I can also advocate for parents in bonding with baby, and help set up a baby-feeding plan.


A fee of $1000 includes 2 prenatal meetings, one 60-minute prenatal massage, birth attendance, and a postpartum visit within the first few days. I am currently accepting a very limited number of labor doula clients. If you are interested in having me attend your birth, please contact me with your due date and intended place of birth.

Labor Doula & Labor Massage Service Area

I attend labor doula clients and offer in-labor massage to clients birthing in homes, hospitals, and birth centers throughout the Portland Metro area, including Vancouver WA.

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