Support Through the Ebb and Flow of the Childbearing Year


Here are some resources that may be helpful to my readers, sorted vaugely by category. It isn't comprehensive, as I kinda just add things from time to time.

Fertility/ Pregnancy/ Babycare Resources, General

Taking Charge of Your Fertility: a lovely supplement to Toni Weschler's amazing book by the same name. Whether your goal is contraception, conception, or simply self-knowledge, Toni will show you how to chart and interpret your various signs of fertility. Note, I have some serious reservations about their charting app!

Cool chart showing percentage of pregnancies that would test positive on a pee test, by days post ovulation. They have other cool calendars, too, but heads up, they are rather hetero- and cis-normative.

Ask Lenore: Newman-Goldfarb protocols for inducing lactation.

Transgender and Genderqueer Resources, General

I couldn't make a better list than this one by Birth for Every Body. A list for birth workers serving LGBTQI clients, as well as for clients themselves. So well compiled.

Refuge Restrooms: formerly Safe 2 Pee, a global directory/ map of gender-free and single-stall bathrooms! A must for safety when out and about in your own city or while traveling. They have an app now, too!

Transgender and Genderqueer Pregnancy/ Birth/ Babycare Resources

BirthRoot: Queer- & trans-inclusive online childbirth education, great for those who don't have access to, or don't feel comfortable with, in-person childbirth prep classes

Trans Feminine Breastfeeding and Lactation Support: a facebook group for trans women and transfemme folks who want to induce lactation and nurse their babies

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