Support Through the Ebb and Flow of the Childbearing Year


The following principles are important to me, and form the core of my business ethic. Here, they are mostly reflected in my massage therapy, but also apply to my labor and postpartum doula services and to my future midwifery practice.

The Environment

I believe in protecting our planet, which is why sustainability and non-toxicity are part of my life and my massage practice. When possible, I support local businesses whose own environmental efforts reflect these values. I believe these products and practices are healthier for our bodies and our souls, as well.

Some of the steps I take to reduce the environmental impact of my business include:
  • My massage table was made from sustainable hardwoods, VOC-free vinyl, and CFC-free foam by Oakworks, the only environmentally-conscious, all US-made massage table company left.
  • For outcall clients, I transport myself and my table in my Prius. (Or sometimes in our cute little yellow Rabbit pickup.)
  • I only use organic sheets on my massage table, and they are washed with hypoallergenic all-natural laundry soap.
  • This website is hosted by AcornHost, which uses all renewable energy. AcornHost is also woman-owned and based right here in Portland.

Animal Welfare

I am committed to using supplies made without animal products or byproducts and which have not been tested on animals. Though I have been vegetarian since 1990 and became vegan in 2003, my clients are a mix of vegan, vegetarian and omnivore.

Allergy/ Sensitivity Awareness

Keeping your health in mind, I do my best to maintain a fragrance-free practice, including the laundry soap I use for my linens.

I generally use SacredEarth Botanicals Vegan Massage Cream, which is unscented and made with organic ingredients. I am also happy to use single oils if your skin prefers. I do not typically use essential oils in my practice. If you have any specific needs in regards to your allergies or sensitivities, please let me know.

For those with severe animal allergies, it may be important to know that, although I do my best to keep animal dander away from my massage linens, I do share my life and my space with a couple cats and a dog.

Queer and Trans Inclusiveness

Though my practice is open to anyone in need of my services, one major goal in my practice is to bring safe and healthy touch to members of the queer and trans community. Personally, I identify as genderqueer/ nonbinary/ transmasculine-ish and queer, though my clients come from all genders and sexual identities. I do offer a discount to trans women, transfemmes, and other folks affected by transmisogyny.


For those of you with movement limitations, I would be happy to work with you in any way that would be convenient. For example, my massage table can be lowered or even opened out to lie flat on the floor. Please let me know how I can better serve you.

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