Integrative Support from Preconception through the Postpartum 

Perinatal and Pelvic Wellness Services

Perinatal: Pregnancy through the Postpartum

If you're pregnant or gave birth recently, I'll bet you could use a little TLC.

I'm Jasper, and I provide massage to pregnant and postpartum clients, and attend births as a labor doula. I am also a homebirth midwife, so you know my focus is on serving your family during the childbearing year. It may sound like I offer a lot of different services, but they're all just different aspects of what I do: care for growing babies and growing families.

I love my job. I get to witness every client's experience as unique and learn something new from everyone. I get to be present with families in the midst of monumental change and intense emotion, whether they're excited or terrified or both, and make a lasting difference for them. I get to attend births, help pregnant folks and meet families with brand-new babies, and go home smiling at the end of the day.

I'm also super queer. My focus and passion are working with the queer community. I work closely with the only other trans CPM in Portland: we offer free/at cost Pap smears, STI testing, and wellness exams for AFAB trans and genderqueer people. When I start midwifing for real, I will be offering queer-focused preconception counseling, at home IUIs, and queer and trans-competent perinatal care and homebirths. I also offer massages for non-pregnant queer and trans folks.

Pelvic Floor

Another aspect of care I provide is supporting healthy pelvic floor muscles, in anyone with a pelvis, regardless of birth history, gender, or anatomy. I feel really called toward this work, and it fits really well with my background as a midwife and massage therapist. My approach to pelvic floor treatment is gentle and multi-faceted, including external and internal manual techniques, muscle reactivation and retraining, and relaxation. This work is also generally done in your own home. Read more about my pelvic floor services.

Overview of Perinatal Wellness Services

Prenatal and Postpartum Massage

Relaxing and healing massage that specifically addresses your body's needs, including common discomforts of pregnancy and postpartum. Appointments are generally in your own home, or for clients on bed rest, in your hospital room. Read more about my pregnancy massage services.

Massage/ Labor Doula

Emotional, physical, and logistical support through your labor and birth, including labor-specific massage therapy techniques. Read more about my labor massage doula services.

A Special Note on Poly and Kink

Every family is different, and I know it can be a big deal to invite someone into your home, especially when you're needing help the most. I'd like to express my openness to "unconventional" family structures and lifestyles. I'm not going to judge you for the books on your bookshelf, the folks in your family photos, or marks on your body. You can feel free to talk about your real life with me.

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